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Looking at wedding hairstyles is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning your big day.2

After all, it isn't often that you get your hair done up by a professional, right?

It's a good idea to know what you want ahead of time so you can get the look you want without a lot of mistakes and starting over.

Here are some beautiful wedding hairstyles to inspire you.

1. Low Bun


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One of the most elegant wedding hairstyles in a low bun with some loose strands around the face.

2. Curly Hair

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Lots of curls pulled back above the ears makes for a simple, but jaw dropping wedding look.

3. Tapered Look

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This look is reminiscent of a braid, but much fancier for your big day.

4. Long and Flowing

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There's no rule that says a loose, flowing hairstyle isn't perfect for your wedding.3

5. Add a Braid

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A well placed braid gives your wedding style lots of personality and drama.

6. Bridal Braided Hairstyle

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If you like braids, this elegant version is perfect for matching with a wedding dress.

7. Half up Half down

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This is a popular look for a wedding, and for good reason.2

It looks fabulous, don't you think?

8. Swept to the Side

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A side swept style looks stunning and is perfect for showing off your dress.

9. With Some Bling

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A sparkly headband is the perfect accessory choice for your wedding look.

10. Go with a Ponytail

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A ponytail that looks like this one can totally work for a wedding.

What do you think?

Double Braids
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