7 Wow Factor Centerpieces for Your Reception Tables ...

Most girls spend years planning their perfect wedding, even before a proposal comes, and wow factor centerpieces are one of the details to consider. At the reception, people will be sitting down enjoying a meal, listening to the music or having cake, so you want the tables to look elegant and lend something personal to your wedding reception. Check out these wow factor centerpieces to get yourself started on planning the perfect ones for your tables.

1. Flowers

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Nothing says a wedding like flowers and they’re one of the easiest wow factor centerpieces. When you order your bridal bouquet, you can simply order table arrangements that go with. But, you can also create them yourself for something really stunning that doesn’t cost as much. My mom started growing the flowers for my wedding in her own garden. The morning of, we snipped and arranged the most fresh and beautiful displays. Try a single stem in various thin vases, or use wide vases and stuff them with a variety of flowers that match your color scheme.

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