7 Well Known Bridezillas and Their Superpowers ...

Wedding planning is stressful and sometimes we can't help but transform into bridezillas. But it's always fun to read a humorous take on bridezillas thanks to guest contributors like Miles Young!

We all know about bridezillas. They’re those blushing brides who have transformed into monsters with their own special, horrifying superpowers. I know a bridezilla who only invited half the people from her ceremony to her reception. Don’t worry, if they’re left out of the reception they still get to lavish her with gifts because they’re invited to a special bridal shower. I guess you could say her superpower is maximizing profit. Read on for more bridezillas with superpowers. You’re sure to recognize some of them.

1. The Destination Obsessed Bridezilla

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First, we have the Destination Obsessed Bridezilla. Her superpower is the ability to flit from one destination to another at a moment’s notice with no thought to cost, practicality, or how her guests will manage to follow. You know her. She was going to have a posh New York City wedding but decided that she would prefer everyone fly to Fiji to witness her nuptials. Also, if you are in the wedding party and can’t afford to fly to Fiji, she hates you, you cheap bitch.

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