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8 Wedding Color Trends for 2012 ...

By Diana

When Pantone announced the 2012 color of the year would be Tangerine Tango; wedding planners, florist, designers, and wedding bloggers went crazy over trying to put together inspiration for brides who wanted to be a part of this wedding color trend. Your wedding color sets the tone for your big day and perhaps one of these 8 Wedding Color Trends for 2012, including the color of the year, will be the one that inspires you...

1 Tangerine Tango Wedding Color Trend...

Tangerine Tango Wedding Color Trend...Photo Credit

Tangerine Tango is going to be a hot wedding color trend this year in bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, and in little details of place cards and lanterns. It's a fresh color that brings alive the spirit of Spring and Summer and blends nicely with dark colors like navy, brown, and teal as well as bright colors like pink, turquoise, and yellow.

2 Margarita Green Wedding Color Trend...

Margarita Green Wedding Color Trend...Photo Credit

Margarita Green is a soft, pale green that will compliment the yellow or pink of your florals and bridesmaids' dresses but it will also bring a pop of color to your rustic wedding that is filled with dark tones. It's a wedding color trend that works well year round, even in winter with soft whites and baby blues.

3 Sodalite Blue Wedding Color Trends...

Sodalite Blue Wedding Color Trends...Photo Credit

I bet there are many brides who find their wedding color inspiration in a pair of gorgeous heels like this beautiful pair in Sodalite Blue, which is similar to navy blue but has a kick ass name! It's a rich color that will bring life to white for a nautical wedding and make pink pop for a wedding color trend that will satisfy the bride and the groom!

4 Sweet Lilac Wedding Color Trend...

Sweet Lilac Wedding Color Trend...Photo Credit

Sweet Lilac is a combination of soft tones of purple and baby pinks for a sweet result of a dusty rose, sunset color. It's a wedding color trend that girlie girls and princess brides will love for their Spring and Summer weddings with soft greens, baby blues, and even mixing it up with tangerine tango for a bright, fun wedding color combination.

5 Driftwood Wedding Color Trends...

Driftwood Wedding Color Trends...Photo Credit

Driftwood is a wedding color trend that will be popular for beach, vintage, and rustic weddings with tones of soft browns and grays. Details of burlap, branches, wood, and copper will be seen throughout wedding receptions that surround this color trend.

6 Cockatoo Wedding Color Trends...

Cockatoo Wedding Color Trends...Photo Credit

This is one of my favorite colors and reminds me of my bridesmaid dresses and wedding details. Cockatoo is a combination of teal and turquoise for a gorgeous wedding color that will be trendy for Spring and Summer but will also look great with rich tones of Fall and Winter.

7 Cabaret Pink Wedding Color Trend...

Cabaret Pink Wedding Color Trend...Photo Credit

I just love all of the names of these Pantonecolors like Cabaret Pink, which is a hot pink tone that will be a popular wedding color trend for Summer when combined with tangerine tango. This is a fun color to wear if you are a daring bride who wants to bring a pop of color to her wedding dress and walk down the aisle in a pink toned gown.

8 Solar Power Yellow Wedding Color Trends...

Solar Power Yellow Wedding Color Trends...Photo Credit

Let the sun shine and the sunflowers bloom with this golden tone of Solar Power. This wedding color trend is perfect for late Summer with bouquets of sunflowers combined with margarita green for an organic, nature theme.

Although you may be looking to see which wedding color trends fit each season, you also want to sort out the wedding color trends that are perfect for you and fit your personality. Be inspired by these gorgeous wedding color trends for your 2012 wedding and combine colors like Tangerine Tango and Sodalite Blue for a rich palette that will be fun yet sophisticated.

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