7 Wedding Bands with Show-stopping Yet Timeless Style ...

Choosing your wedding band is an important decision and if you're looking for something that is classic and timeless, here are a few options by guest contributor James Carter.

Looking for a wedding band with show-stopping style—but not one that will be out of style in a few years? Your options are far broader than plain wedding rings. There are plenty of eye-catching bands that will be just as gorgeous in a few decades as they are today! Let’s take a look at some unique options from well known online jewelers Apples of Gold, GoldenMine & Zales.

1. Paisley Design White Gold Wedding Band Ring

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This paisley style is solid proof that the style of your wedding band doesn’t have to be new to be stunning. The lively curving paisley designs that dance across the brushed center of this ring are drawn from the looks of the Victorian Era and framed by polished edges. Crafted in solid 14K white gold, this band will easily turn heads in the present with its past-inspired style.

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