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7 Ways to Handle Badly Behaved Wedding Guests ...

By Alicia

Badly behaved wedding guests can turn your dream wedding into a nightmare. Whether it is a uncle that is known for bad behavior or a drunken college buddy of your groom’s, you need to have some ideas for how to deal with the situation. Badly behaved wedding guests don’t have to ruin your wedding day. Use these helpful hints to handle this situation.

1 Plan Ahead

The best thing to do when it comes to badly behaved wedding guests is to have a plan ready. Hopefully, your fears won’t become a reality. However, if they do, you will be ready. Discuss different ways you will handle badly behaved wedding guests. This makes you feel more confident, too.

2 Identify Potential Trouble Makers

It is best to identify potential trouble makers ahead of time. You may be wrong about who will cause trouble but it is better to plan as if. You could also be surprised by who acts badly so be prepared for that to happen, too. It is best to discuss potential trouble makers carefully. It usually works best if you identify the ones from your side of the guest list and let your fiancé do the same for his.

3 Talk to the Family of the Guest

There is always the option of talking to the family of the guest that you expect trouble from before the wedding. This can be a delicate matter so it should be handled diplomatically. You don’t want to cause any hurt feelings. If you can talk to the family without causing hard feelings, you can ask them to be alert and ready to handle the situation, if one arises. The family of a badly behaved wedding guest can usually deal with them best.

4 Have Someone Assigned to Handle It

It is a good idea to have a person assigned to handle badly behaved wedding guests if that becomes an issue and there is no family member to help. You can just ask a good friend if they would try to assist with this situation should it arise. They might try to start a conversation with the badly behaved wedding guest. They might let them air their complaint, if there is one. Basically, the person you assign to this task will have to just play it by ear.

5 Ignore It

This seems like it is too simple to work but sometimes it does the trick. A lot of time,s badly behaved wedding guests want attention. When you don’t give it to them, they may realize what they are doing isn’t working. Another advantage to ignoring bad behavior from a wedding guest is that it lets you focus on what is really important: your wedding day. Don’t allow one badly behaved guest to ruin your day.

6 Try Distraction

Many times you can use distraction to deal with a badly behaved wedding guest. If the wedding guest is intoxicated, they can sometimes be easily distracted. If that isn’t the situation, distraction still may work. You could try giving them a compliment or asking their advice on something. Flattery can work wonders.

7 Call Security

Sometimes there is just no other option than to call security. Of course you hate to do it but you also should not be expected to tolerate bad behavior out of a guest. It is your wedding day and one person’s selfish and bad behavior should not be allowed to ruin it. It is always best to use this as a last resort. If you truly anticipate you will encounter this situation, it would be best to make sure there is security available to handle it for you.

These are some ways you can handle badly behaved wedding guests. What have you considered doing about this situation? Please share.

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