6 Ways to Color a Star Spangled Wedding ...

While we were all celebrating the start of the summer season this weekend with bar-b-q's, trips to the beach, and dips in the pool, we were also remembering our fallen heroes, our soldiers who fought for this country and are still fighting strong. To honor our troops on** Memorial Day**and** Independence Day celebrate with colors of **red, white, and blue for a **patriotic wedding **that will sparkle and shine like the fireworks in the sky.

6. Colorful Cans...

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Martha Stewartalways knows how to entertain and throw a well decorated party. Don't just visit her wedding site for ideas, check out her every day site for great crafts, home & garden, and** holiday decor **ideas like these DIY patriotic container centerpieces. You can fill these with straws or candy for the dessert buffet or bring some red, white, and blue cheer to your tables as you fill them with daisies of the same color!

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