20 Unusual Locations for a Wedding ...

Unusual locations for a wedding have grown increasingly popular in the last couple of decades. It seems it’s no longer enough to get married in your local church, city hall or at home but couples are on the lookout for unusual locations for a wedding. Did you know that in Britain until recent times, you could only get married in a church, a registry office or on board a ship? Now we Brits are embracing (and are allowed to) unusual locations to get married as much as anyone. If you want to cast tradition to the winds and celebrate your nuptials away from the norm, here are 20 Unusual Locations for a Wedding:

1. Onboard a Yacht

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Okay maybe not most unusual loaction to get married, but it is defiantly different. Have all your guests sail off into the open sea, sipping Pimms in the salty summer breeze, and the bride arrives by speedboat (slowly, mind the hair style). Have the ceremony as the sun sinks over the horizon and party the night away under the moonlight.

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