7 Unique Ideas for Your Bridesmaid Dress ...

Think outside the box for your big day and give your ladies unique bridesmaid dresses that really fit their personalities and go with your overall theme. Bridesmaid dresses that are stiff, shiny, and dull are a thing of the past. Dress your girls up in unique bridesmaid dresses that have a floral print, a vintage flair, or even have a crazy cut-out that is fun, yet still classy. Don’t be afraid to be different with bridesmaid dresses like the ones seen here..

1. Vintage Inspired

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Are you planning a vintage inspired wedding? Why not go all out with a unique bridesmaid dress like this one that would fit your theme perfectly! It doesn’t get much sweeter than a dress with lollipops on it. Add an adorable bow tied sash and three-quartered sleeves and your bridesmaids have a dress that would make Betty Draper proud. You can find this one and similar dresses at Mod Cloth ranging from $50.00 to $200.00.

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