7 Unique Christmas Wedding Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Be Loved ...

Christmas time is an extremely popular time of year for people to get married, and if you’re going to a bridal shower or wedding reception, consider some of these particularly unique Christmas wedding gift ideas that are a twist on the original ones most people buy. Christmas wedding gifts can be really trendy and helpful too, not just practical and something off a registry. While those items are great, people love getting unique gifts as something special. Check out some of these especially unique and fun Christmas wedding gift ideas that will give you a fresh perspective on seasonal giving.

1. Embroidered Stockings

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One of the loveliest and most unique Christmas wedding gift ideas I’ve seen so far involves buying the bride and groom especially nice embroidered stockings, made of fine material like silk. Have their initials or just their last name’s first initial on the stocking, in a big, pretty design. Try to find out what colors they will be decorating their house in to match, and don’t go with those tacky and traditional red and green stockings that cost less than a few dollars apiece. Solid colors and nice material make the gifts nice and not cheap. For instance, purchase a beautiful champagne gold color and have it initialed with brown and black silk material. This looks extremely elegant and nice. You can even get small beads speckled along the top, and they look extremely decadent. You can buy your own stockings anywhere, and have them embroidered at places like Things Remembered or Personal Creations.

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