7 UK Stores for Your Wedding List ...

It’s become very popular for about-to-be-wed couples to choose particular stores for a wedding list that they can set up online. This way, once people have bought something for you, you’re not at risk of ending up with multiples as you would with a traditional gift list. Here are 7 great UK stores for a wedding list.

1. House of Fraser

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One of the best stores for a wedding list is House of Fraser. As well as bringing together thousands of different items from a wide range of quality brands, House of Fraser can also offer you some perks for choosing them. For example, for the run up to your wedding, you’ll get a 15% discount card for selected in-store brands. You can also get 20% off any unbought gifts you want to purchase yourself, and guests that spend over Β£50 will get a Β£15 off voucher, making them more likely to spend more on you!

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