8 Top Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring ...


8 Top Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring ...
8 Top Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring ...

Sometimes when he pops the question a man may already have chosen and bought the ring, but if he’s got any sense, and really wants to melt his girlfriend’s heart, he’ll pay heed to tips for buying an engagement ring. The last thing anyone wants is for such a momentous occasion to be spoiled by a bad buying decision. Here are 8 top tips for buying an engagement ring.

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Go Alone

You obviously want the best bang for your buck and to still be able to make a statement. A man, however, also doesn’t want to appear cheap in front of his lady. Gather the ideas, look at catalogs, check the ring size using a gauge (if you can do it discreetly), but the actual purchase is something the ring buyer should do alone. One of the best tips for buying an engagement ring is a man is best left to carry out the transaction, feeling free to haggle over the price and controlling the budget.


Know Your Budget

A key piece of advice for buying an engagement ring is that it should be something special, unique and absolutely beautiful that fits into your budget. Don’t go out and match the 2 month or 4 month salary rumor just because you heard that everyone else is doing it. A measure of your love is not how much you paid for an engagement ring – know in advance how much you can spend without getting yourself into unnecessary debt – there is still a wedding to pay for.


Know What Your Future Spouse Likes

If your future fiancé is alternative, arty and non-conventional, buying them a single solitaire ring as per tradition will not reflect the wearer’s personality. If you are not sure, ask your partner’s friends to help you out and just make sure they can keep a secret when you ask them.


Compare Prices

Just because the flashy jeweler told you so, doesn’t mean that you can’t get that exact ring somewhere else for a fair bit cheaper. Don’t be scared to shop around, ask questions and inquire about discounts. Times are hard these days, and smaller jewelers might be grateful for the business rather than none at all. Don’t be cheeky or expect a hand out, but 10% off a massive price tag can go a long way.


Know the Fundamentals

Know the difference between color, clarity, cut and carat before you put your money on the table. If you are going to be buying a diamond know what you are looking for beforehand, what color it must be, and what grades and certificates you need to get with it, before you are swindled into buying something completely different. This is definitely one of the best pieces of tips for buying an engagement ring. There’s no need to aim for being an expert in the 4 C of diamonds, but at least you’ll have some understanding of what the jeweler is talking about.


Be Practical

If the apple of your eye works with their hands a lot, perhaps in the garden, or cooking or is an artist – it will be highly impractical to purchase a ring that has a raised setting. Chances are the diamond could come off in between the soil and the roses or get lost while rolling the pastry for a pie. They are going to have a hard time keeping grime and grit out of it and they are going to damage it quickly. Choose a practical setting for their lifestyle instead.


Design Your Own

If you are not the type of person to go for a cookie cutter shaped ring you see in the window, why not approach a designer and design your own? You will be able to choose the color and quality of the stone, have complete control over what materials are used and be able to stick to a budget. A one of a kind piece is a keepsake that can be handed down from generation to generation.


Do Your Homework

Knowledge is power and when it comes to advice about buying an engagement ring, it is no exception. Do your research and read up as much as possible about the item you wish to purchase – as a non-jeweler and lay person when it comes to gems, diamonds and precious metals, most of us are way out of our league. The Internet provides a plethora of information at your fingertips – use it.

I haven’t provided rocket science advice about buying an engagement ring but simple, helpful tips. If you have already bought an engagement ring, what tips would you give to someone looking for an engagement ring and what advice would you give them to help them find the perfect engagement ring?

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Make sure you study GIA certificates as they are the strictest in the world and will never lie on what it is. Make sure your stone matches the certificate by weight, dimensions and girdle inscription if there is one. Colour and fire of the diamond is more important than the cut. As for clarity, make sure there are no black spots.

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