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Choosing the perfect wedding lipstick is no easy task. There are many different factors to be considered. Like every detail of your wedding day, you want your makeup to be perfect, including your lipstick. This is a quick guide to the important things you want to consider when you are choosing the perfect wedding lipstick.

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Decide What Your Makeup Focus Will Be

The first factor to decide when you are choosing the perfect wedding lipstick is what you want your makeup focus to be. Do you want more focus on your eyes or your lips? It is generally best to choose one or the other. If you try to go bold on both then you can look overdone. This is something that is a personal choice for each bride.


Choose a Long Wearing Product

You want to choose a lipstick that is long-wearing. Look for words like color stay or that promise a certain number of hours of continuous wear. Your wedding day will be very busy. You don’t have time to reapply when your lipstick fades away. You want to know you can count on your lipstick to have staying power.


Decide on the Finish You Want

It is good to think about what kind of finish you want when you are choosing your wedding lipstick. There are several different types of finishes a lipstick can give. They can have a frosty, glittery finish. They can also have more of a matte look. Lastly, they can offer a shine or a glossy finish.


Choose a Product That Stays Put

You don’t want to have to worry about where you are leaving your lipstick behind at. Your lips are going to touch many things on your wedding day. They will be touching your wedding cake, your toasting glass and most importantly, your groom. Choosing a lipstick that doesn’t leave your lips is something your groom will be especially thankful for. A simple lipstick blot can help with this, too.


Look at Other Brides for Inspiration

If you just aren’t feeling sure about what shade or finish of lipstick that you want, try looking for some inspiration. Look at some bridal magazines or some pictures of a friend’s recent wedding. Just like with everything else, lipstick has trends. You may want to choose a trendy lipstick look or you may want to go with more of a classic look. Only you know what feels most like you.


Consider Your Eye Makeup Color Choice

You should consider your eye makeup choice when you are choosing your lipstick. If you are doing a very smoky eye, you may want to choose a nude lip that complements it. On the other hand, if you are going very natural with your eyes, you may want to go for a bold red. The point is that you want them to complement each other, not compete for attention. You can go bold on your eyes and bold on your lips but you have to do so carefully so the colors do not clash.


Do a Trial Run

The best thing you can do to decide if you love the lip look you have chosen for your wedding day is to do a trial run. Do a full trial run, including all of your other makeup you plan on wearing for your wedding, too. This is the very best way to see if you love your lipstick choice. It will reveal if you love how it looks on and how it looks with your other makeup. It will also let you know of any flaws with the lipstick such as bleeding, fading or other issues.

Choosing the perfect lipstick is something that requires some careful thought. What lipstick are you leaning toward for your wedding? I can’t wait to read your responses!

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