7 Tips for Working with a Professional Bridal Hair and Makeup Stylist ...


7 Tips for Working with a Professional Bridal Hair and Makeup Stylist ...
7 Tips for Working with a Professional Bridal Hair and Makeup Stylist ...

Need tips for working with a professional bridal hair and makeup stylist, but don’t know where to begin? I recently connected with Nicole Morgan, owner of Los Angeles’ Nikky Styles Hair and Makeup, who was more than happy to share some of her own top suggestions. Check out the following seven tips for working with a professional bridal hair and makeup stylist, and get ready to look your best in no time!

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Plan Ahead

First and foremost, one of Nicole’s key tips for working with a professional bridal hair and makeup stylist is to start searching for the right person at least six months ahead of your wedding day. Doing this, she says, will give you time to consider your top choices and schedule trial runs before the stylists you’re interested in become booked for your date. Starting your search early will also help ensure that you feel confident and comfortable with the person you ultimately choose.


Do a Trial Run

As mentioned above, doing a trial run is a great way to compare different stylists, and it can also help you perfect your bridal look far in advance. Have a particular hair style or makeup look you’ve fallen in love with on Pinterest? What looks good on another person might actually look entirely different on you, so take advantage of the opportunity to test things out well ahead of your wedding day. Don't forget to bring along your headpiece and jewelry, and if possible, try to also wear a shade that matches your gown.


Be Flexible

While you of course want to go into a styling session with some ideas about what you do and don’t like, another of Nicole’s helpful tips is to be flexible and open to your stylist’s suggestions. He or she is a professional, after all, and may be able to share additional insights you’ve never before considered. Keep an open mind, and take full advantage of your stylist’s expertise!


Present a Clean Slate

Whether it’s time for your trial run or the big day itself, be sure to arrive with a clean face and hair that's free of any excess products. Nicole says this will prevent any of your own products from interfering with those your stylist plans to use. It also means you’ll be able to take full advantage of the products your stylist believes will best complement your skin and hair.


Show Your Eyebrows Some Love

When working with your stylist to create the perfect look, don’t forget to show your eyebrows a little love, too! Nicole recommends having your eyebrows shaped, whether by tweezing or waxing, at least two days in advance. The extra time will allow any initial redness or irritation to clear up before your styling session.


Eat Ahead of Time

If you’re planning to eat lunch or have a pre-ceremony snack, Nicole suggests doing so prior to your makeup application. Many makeup artists will also provide touch-up kits for you to use throughout the remainder of the day, so be sure to ask about this during your trial run. Throwing a pack of straws into your wedding day emergency kit is also a great way to help keep your lipstick from smudging while you sip.


Wear a Button-down Shirt

No one wants to ruin her professionally styled hair and makeup by pulling a shirt up over her head immediately afterward, so follow one of my own favorite tips by wearing a button-down instead. Of course, you probably will need to pull your gown over your head while getting dressed, so if possible, arrange to have your stylist present for any last-minute touch-ups or final fixes afterward.

Are you planning to hire a stylist for your wedding day? What other tips for working with a professional bridal hair and makeup stylist do you have to share?

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My bridesmaids had showed some concern for the cost of hair/makeup professionals. There is a beauty school down the road from us that did hair and makeup for cheap. I did a trial run there and the hair stylist told me she couldn't do anything with my short hair. It was below my ears. The makeup was just okay. Glad I did the trial run before my wedding day or we all would have looked horrid. I spent the extra money and hired a professional makeup/hair artist, did the trial and it went amazing. I loved their work. It was perfect and it was one less thing to stress about.

As a professional stylist, I can say this is great advice. Absolutely don't wait till the last minute and expect the world. It won't happen.

We're getting married in another state so I hope my wedding planner knows her ppl and it looks fab!! Fingers crossed

Excellent information!

Good luck Selena ! Congratulations

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