11 Tips for What to do if You Get Invited to Your Ex's Wedding ...

By Heather

11 Tips for What to do if You Get Invited to Your Ex's Wedding ...

Well, it’s the day you’ve never looked forward to, but probably saw coming, and if you’ve been invited to your ex’s wedding, be prepared with some helpful tips that might save your sanity and embarrassment both. If you’re choosing to be brave and attend your ex’s wedding, congrats to you! I think showing up at your ex’s wedding can be a great idea, should you handle it the right way. Obviously, if you got an invite, chances are you’re on good terms with him or her, but if you’ve decided to be a wedding crasher and attend with someone else, or just show up, then chances are things might be a little rocky with you and your ex. Either way, getting invited to your ex’s wedding can dredge up some mixed emotions, whether you’re “over them” or not. Be sure to remember some important tips so you don’t either end up embarrassed, upset, or leaving down in the dumps.

1 Give Yourself a Pep Talk

One thing to make sure you do if you get invited to your ex’s wedding is give yourself a little pep talk, either silently or out loud, and no, I’m not kidding. You need to prepare yourself for feeling mixed emotions, seeing your ex happy with a new woman, or just not being over him yet. If you’re with a new man, great! Give yourself a little motivational pep talk that you’re not only with someone new, but you’ve got a great date!

2 Bring a Date

While we’re on the note of dates, be sure you bring one! Even if it’s a pretend date (a friend you get to go as your date), just bring one! Don’t show up alone, unless you’re super confident and know a bunch of people there. Another great idea is to bring a girlfriend, but better yet, bring a guy. You’ll feel more secure, and have someone to spend the event with.

3 Get a Good Dress

It never hurts to look your absolute most stunning self if you get invited to your ex’s wedding. Not that you’re trying to make him jealous, but you sure could use a little more mirror time for this kind of thing.

4 Smile Your Way through

While you’re at your ex’s wedding, be sure you act happy. Don’t look sad, mad, or emotional. If you think you’ll be any of these things, don’t even go. Act happy, and remember, your ex might be getting married, but who cares? You’ve got a whole world full of great men out there just waiting to snatch you up.

5 Act Available

Let’s be honest, we all know weddings are a great place to meet someone. Don’t act desperate, but do act available. If you’ve brought a date who’s just a friend and see someone you’re interested in, be sure and approach him or her, and casually mention you’re with your friend. Then ask him or her to dance!

6 Speak to Your Ex

When you’re at your ex’s wedding, do be sure to speak to him. Say something short, nice, and quaint. It shows you’re mature, kind, and happy for him (even if you’re not).

7 Speak to the Bride

No matter how old we get, it’s never easy seeing our husband’s ex. Whether you like her or not, give the bride the courtesy of it being her special day. If you have a really bad relationship with your ex’s bride, then you probably wouldn’t have even been invited. If you’re showing up anyway, speak to her in a kind way. It shows you’re the bigger woman, and don’t need to act immature at such an important day for your ex and his new bride.

8 Have Fun

Have fun at your ex’s wedding! No, it may not be an easy situation, but make the most of it. It’s a free chance to go dancing, possibly meet someone, and get a great dinner!’

9 Don’t Get Drunk

The absolute last thing you want to do is to overdose on alcohol at the event. This sets you up for making a fool of yourself, sweetie! Leave the night with good memories, not embarrassing ones.

10 Don’t Make a Scene

If something really bad happens that strikes a chord with you, whatever you do, hold your tongue. Now is not the time to make a scene. No one will side with you at a wedding, trust me. Everyone is there for the bride and groom. If you can’t act responsible, just don’t show up.

11 Be Sociable

Lastly, be sociable at your ex’s wedding. It’s a great time to meet new people and show that you’re courteous, mature, and respectful. Thank the wedding party for having you, and don’t jet out right after the event.

If you’ve been to your ex’s wedding, I’d sure love to hear what tips you advise for everyone. If you haven’t been invited to your ex’s wedding, do you think you would go?

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