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If you’re looking for tips for choosing a wedding dress when you’re pregnant then first of, all, congratulations! If you’re expecting and getting married soon, then this is definitely a very exciting time. But being pregnant on your wedding day can make some things a little more difficult: choosing a dress, for example. So here are 7 helpful tips for choosing a wedding dress when you’re pregnant.

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Don’t Buy It Too Early

If you’re pregnant, you probably don’t want to buy your dress as soon as you maybe would have if you weren’t expecting. This is one of the most important tips for choosing a wedding dress when you’re pregnant, because your size and shape could change dramatically over just a few months, and you really don’t want to buy a dress and then find you can’t fit into it.


Bear in Mind How Far along You’ll Be

When you do come to choosing your dress, always bear in mind how far along you’re going to be on the big day. It’s hard to know exactly how big you’ll be, but obviously if you’re going to be 3 or 4 months along you’ll look very different to how you will at 7 or 8 months, which takes us onto our next tip.


Leave Room to Grow into It

Normally when you choose a wedding dress, you would choose something that fits you perfectly. But thinking about how far off your wedding is and what size you are probably going to be, make sure that you will have some room to expand.


Choose Something Loose and Flowing

One of the important tips for choosing a wedding dress when you’re pregnant is about the style of the dress you go for. Something tight all the way down, especially if it’s tight lace or corseted, is a big no go. Choose something long and flowing, perhaps with an empire line that is loose all the way down from below your bust, as this style will naturally have a bit of room for your bump to grow into.


Don’t Forget Your Boobs Will Grow Too

One of the biggest mistakes women make when choosing a wedding dress, or any type of clothing, for pregnancy is that they forget that their boobs will probably balloon in size too. It’s no good leaving space for your bump if you can’t fit your boobs into your dress, so it’s probably worth going up a size (and consider the same for your bridal underwear too!)


Be Prepared for Last Minute Adjustments

Make sure you’ve got a good dressmaker or even a skilled family member on hand to make last-minute adjustments, just in case you are rather bigger or smaller than you were expecting. And of course, the later you can leave it to make these adjustments, the better.


Consider a Maternity Wedding Dress

If you’re getting married quite late into your pregnancy, you may find it better to choose a maternity wedding dress. There are plenty of nice ones available in all different styles, and this way you know it’s going to fit you properly, and more comfortably. And remember too, comfort is a big issue. Your body may already be sending you a little crazy with all the hormonal changes, so don’t add to the discomfort with an uncomfortable dress.

Are you pregnant and planning your wedding, or did you get married during your pregnancy? What tips for choosing a wedding dress when you’re pregnant would you share with other women?

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