7 Things You Should Not do the Week before Your Wedding ...


There are certain things you should not do the week before your wedding. These things can cause results that you do not want to deal with on your wedding day. Your wedding day is a day that you have dreamed of for years or even your whole life. Avoid these things you should not do the week before your wedding to give you the best chance at having a wonderful wedding day.

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Try a New Hairdresser

Trying a new hairdresser is one of the things you should not do the week before your wedding. The relationship that you have with a hairdresser takes time to form. It is formed as they do your hair and learn about you and your preferences. Going to a new hairdresser the week before your wedding is a big gamble. Yes, it could go beautifully, but it could also be a disaster.


Try Any New Makeup or Skin Product

Most women love to experiment with new makeup and try different skin products from time to time. This however, is not something that you want to do the week before your wedding. You could end up with an allergic reaction. This is not what you want to deal with the day of your wedding. Hold off on trying any new products till after your big day.


Eat Tons of Salty Foods

Salty foods are a temptation for many of us. But if you are a person that retains fluids easily, you may want to limit how many you eat in the week before your wedding. They can contribute to puffiness or even make you have a difficult time fitting into your dress. This is especially true if your wedding dress is very slim fitting, as many are. You don’t have to totally give up salt but it would be wise to not overindulge.


Fight with Your Fiancé

Having a wedding is stressful. But you do not want to let that stress get to you and your fiancé. Do your best to not get into an argument with your fiancé in the week before your wedding. Hurt feelings can linger and overshadow your big day. You want to feel in love and joyful on your wedding day, not hurt and angry.


Second Guess Yourself

You have no doubt put a lot of effort into planning the wedding you have been dreaming of. Now is not the time to second guess yourself about any of the decisions you made for the wedding. You have done all the work and put a lot of time into it. Remind yourself that you did a great job. Be confident in your decisions.


Try Anything Dramatic with Your Appearance

Every woman wants to change up her look every once in a while. That is normal. You do however, not want to try anything dramatic with your appearance in the week before your wedding. This would include things like a drastic haircut or a hair color you have never tried before. Hold off on those things till you get through your wedding.


Drink Alcohol

Alcohol is not going to be your friend in the week before your wedding. It can leave you with a hangover if you drink too much. This makes you feel terrible and leave you looking less than your best. Drinking alcohol can also contribute to dehydration, which affects your appearance and how you feel. Pass on the drinks in the week before your wedding.

There are a lot of wonderful things you can do in the week before your wedding but these 7 things are not included. What do you plan to do in the week before your wedding? I can’t wait to hear from you!

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