7 Things to Remember when Planning Your Wedding ...

When it comes to wedding planning, the to-do list just never ends, does it? But we promise that at the end of all that hectic madness, is a day you will never forget. Wondering what you should remember when planning your wedding? Let guest contributor Emma be your guide!

Most likely in the months leading up to your wedding you will find that your every moment is taken up with thoughts of the big day. There’s so much to consider – the dress, the cake, the venue, the bridesmaids – the list is endless. You may think that you have it all covered, but all too often it’s the little things that make the day, and those little things can all too easily get forgotten.

1. Guestbook & Pens

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A guestbook is a great way to cherish memories of your big day and all the people who made it special. Through the guestbook you can find some really heartfelt messages which people may not have felt able to say to your face. So make sure they can express those feelings freely with a guestbook and plenty of pens available.

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