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Is an engagement ring selfie in your near future? You see engagement ring selfies all the time on social media. People announce they are getting married and show off a beautiful picture of the ring. When it comes your turn to post your engagement ring selfie, these are 7 things you can do to make sure it turns out beautifully.

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Get Your Nails Done

Rule number one. Get your nails done or do them yourself. Posing for an engagement ring selfie with chipped nails is not going to let your ring shine. It will call attention to your ragged and neglected nails instead. You don’t have to spring for a high cost manicure if it isn’t in the budget; a simple coat of clear polish or even bare nails that are filed prettily will work. You actually want to stay pretty basic with your nails in order to let your ring be the center of attention.


Clear the Clutter

You want your ring to be the focus of the picture, not the mess on your kitchen table or even the brilliant fall trees behind you. It’s good to have a pretty background but make it basic. Don’t let it overshadow your ring. A simple background is really best. You will see how well this works when you start photographing your ring.


Play with Lighting

Lighting makes a big difference in how your ring will appear. I will not pretend to be a photographer and have the knowledge that a photographer does, but I do know that lighting matters when you are photographing. Experiment and see how the lighting works best to showcase your ring. If you want more in-depth tips, Pinterest can offer you great guidance on this subject


Stick to One Photo

Stick with one photo for your engagement ring selfie. If you start posting multiples of your engagement ring then the beauty of it may get lost in the shuffle. People will start clicking through the pictures and not really see your ring for what it is. It is best to stay away from collages too, if you want your ring to get all the attention. One simple photo of your ring captures it best.


Go Solo

It is also best to let your engagement ring selfie stand alone. As in, only photograph the hand with the engagement ring. If you photograph the two of you with the ring on your finger, the ring is going to look much smaller. People will tend to focus on the two of you as a couple instead of the ring. Save the photos of the two of you for later.


Choose a Pose

There are a lot of different options for poses in an engagement ring selfie. You can go for a more formal or a casual pose. If you want a more formal pose you may enjoy something such as one hand placed on top of the other. If you are going for casual, you may want to show your hand holding something such as a solid colored mug. There are many different directions you can go with this.


Decide on What You Want to Say

The caption is important. Think about what you want to say. You can keep it short and sweet or share all about your engagement story. It's completely up to you and what fits you best. All of these tips are to give you ideas but you have to personalize them to suit you.

What ideas do you have for your engagement ring selfie? Share your ideas. We can share in each other’s excitement.

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