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So, you've been in a relationship for a while, you know it's serious and you can't wait for him to propose! Trying to read the signs of whether or not he's ready to propose can be quite exciting and frustrating at the same time. Here are guest contributor Adrian Barber's list of signs that he's ready to pop the question!

"When are you two going to get married?" If you're like a lot of women, you probably hate it when well-meaning relatives and the occasional friend ask you this question. Not only does it leave you and your beau feeling awkward, but if you've been dating for a few years and have been hoping for a ring, this question can be a painful reminder of your long wait.

So how long should you wait around for the man in your life to propose? That, of course, varies from couple to couple. However, if you're looking for a number to give you an idea of the average "wait time," consider that a study conducted by an eHarmony relationship expert revealed that couples were together for an average of about 2.8 years before marriage.

If you've been dating for several years, it's possible that you're closer to a proposal than you realize. But how can you tell? Here are a few telltale signs:

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Have Most of His Bros Settled down?

If most of his buddies are now married or are in serious relationships, he'll probably hear the "call of the wild" less often. And even when his buddies do call, he's not as eager as he once was to join them.


This is a common sign that a man is getting ready to propose. As men start to see their friends settling down and starting families, they may feel more pressure to do the same. This can also lead to a shift in priorities, where spending time with friends and going out becomes less important compared to finding a life partner. Additionally, seeing the happiness and stability in their friends' relationships may inspire them to take the next step in their own relationship.


Does He Often Absentmindedly Talk about Future Plans?

Possibly even about his desire to have children someday? If his conversations revolve around more about the two of you rather than just what he wants to do in the future, that is a good sign that he is committed to staying in a long-term relationship.


In addition to talking about future plans and desires for children, there are other signs that a man may be about to propose. These include making an effort to spend quality time with you, introducing you to his family and friends, and showing a deeper level of commitment in the relationship. He may also start to discuss financial matters and long-term goals with you, as well as expressing his love and affection more frequently. Keep an eye out for these signs and listen to your intuition if you feel like a proposal may be on the horizon.


He Actually Seems Interested in Other Weddings

If he's about to propose, he's going to be consciously or subconsciously looking at the details of the different weddings you two are attending to get ideas for your own ceremony.


He Wants to Get a Pet Together

Raising a dog or a cat together can be viewed as a test drive for raising a family. If he's talking about getting a pet with you, chances are he sees you as his long term mate.


He Talks about Rings

When he walks through Macy's with you, he actually stops at the showcases and talks to you about what type of ring you would like some day. Even stranger, he's using jewelry terms that you're shocked he knows. For instance, he asks you whether you'd prefer a princess or an emerald-cut diamond. Play along and let him know exactly what type of ring you are hoping to get.


This paragraph in the article "7 Signs He's about to Propose..." focuses on one of the signs that your partner may be getting ready to propose to you - his sudden interest in rings and jewelry. This can be a strong indication that he is thinking about marriage and wants to make sure he gets the perfect ring for you. It shows that he is paying attention to your preferences and wants to make sure he gets it right. This behavior can also indicate that he has been doing some research and is actively planning for the future. So if your partner starts talking about rings, it may be a good sign that a proposal is on the horizon.


Secretive with Friends and Family

If you've been catching him talking in a hush-hush manner with your friends or family members, a proposal may be even closer than you think. According to The Knot, he may be asking their opinions on how best to propose to you or advice on the type of ring to get you. He may have even gone to your father to ask him for your hand in marriage.


Big Plans

He's planning a vacation to a super romantic spot or has planned a dinner in the restaurant of your first date. Viral videos of over-the-top marriage proposals have put men under a lot of pressure to pop the question in a romantic or creative manner, so your guy is probably trying to find a special way to ask for your hand.

Whether you pick up on the signs or not, getting engaged is an event you'll never forget! Don't try to coach your significant other through the process. Allow him to use his creativity to ask for your hand, because regardless of how he does it, you'll be telling the story for years to come.

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AWS community: I am now officially engaged to my partner of 4 years! I really am on cloud nine, can't believe it haha :D

It's white gold with a solitare cut and shoulderstones (so there's diamonds in the band as well) - it's not big either, just a small rock which suits me perfectly (I went with him to find the right ring, took a loong time)!

Haha well we had the afternoon in the city, saw The Lion King musical for a matinee performance, and then went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Before our dessert came out we took turns going to the bathroom and when I got back he had my ring out, so got down on the knee (very quickly, there wasn't enough space) and said "will you marry me" and I was like "why not, lets get the darn ring on!!" Lol i knew i'd get emotional, a couple of tears and shared a hug and kiss :)

#3. consciously and SUBconsciously. It would be pretty hard for him to do anything unconscious. lol

When love is in the air, nurture it!

I'm pretty sure the guy will be ready when he's ready. 2.8 years is ridiculously fast and his buddies aren't going to influence him into doing it either, he'll half of them probably aren't happy in their relationship. Or maybe I'm just not the fairytale type.

Most of these signs stated happened with me! I love my fiancé & I really felt like I knew it was coming but totally went with it xo dah!

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