7 Reasons to Get Married in December ...


7 Reasons to Get Married in December ...
7 Reasons to Get Married in December ...

I have been asked a couple of times for reasons to get married in December. It's not a difficult question to answer as I did get married in December (and then April of the next year... to the same man, of course). A number of people say it's inconsiderate to pick December as your wedding date but really, don't fall for that trap. Ladies, if you're finding reasons to get married in December, let me share mine:

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Not Much "Competition"

Because everyone wants to be a June bride, I felt that there would be fewer couples wanting to get married in December. I was right! Working on our papers was a breeze and there were practically no other couples lining up with us. If you like convenience, make this one of your major reasons to get married in December.


Choosing a December wedding date can significantly reduce the stress often associated with peak wedding season. Not only did we have our pick of venues without the usual waitlists, but the vendors were also more available and willing to negotiate. With less demand, we experienced more personalized attention and had more room in our budget due to off-season rates. This sense of calm and control simply cannot be underestimated when planning your special day.


Family Members Are Usually Home

My Mom would always say that weddings are family events. I have a different take on the matter but to support my Mom's statement, I say that December is the best time to get married if you want to celebrate this momentous occasion with them by your side. My advice, though, is not to schedule your wedding very near Christmas if you want everyone to attend because they too have their own plans for the holidays.


Indeed, folks tend to gather around the hearth during this season, celebrating togetherness and tradition. With many loved ones already planning to travel home, capitalizing on their proximity would make logistical sense for your big day. Be mindful, though, to send out those save-the-dates well in advance. Holidays are already hectic, and giving guests ample time to adjust their plans will keep stress levels low and spirits high. After all, your wedding should be a magical time for everyone involved.


People Are in "Giving" Moods

Maybe Uncle John will give you a round trip ticket to Paris for your honeymoon or Aunt Mary will let you use her cabin for two weeks. The thing with December is that everyone, well almost everyone, is in a mood to give, so take advantage of this season. Think about what you can save as you start a new life together. Sweet deal, huh?


Winter Weddings Are Different

People wrapping up to get warm and cozy is totally different from a summer wedding, where everyone just wants it light and breezy. Well, you can't really compare the two as each one has its own magical moments. But a winter wedding pumps up the romantic mood further as you just want to snuggle and cuddle in the midst of a cold weather. Your love for each other will warm up everyone's hearts and it will make everyone feel special as they join you on this special day.


Best Time to Take off

If you're like me, who thinks that your wedding should focus more on you and your partner and not the glitz and glamor (and expenses!) and elaborate wedding preparations, then go ahead; take off and get married somewhere. You can tell your folks afterwards or if you'd like to follow my example, get married the second time and invite family members then.


Double Reasons to Be Happy

It's your wedding and it's the Christmas season! What could bring you more happiness than that? You're converging two important celebrations in your life together and to me, that's just a great way to continue living your lives this time as husband and wife.


Impossible to Forget Your Anniversary

I laugh every time I ask my husband about our anniversary dates because we have four (including our second wedding in the Philippines), and the only one he remembers is the 12/12/12 date. Getting married in December means it's impossible to forget your anniversary because it happens during the holiday season. If one of you still forgets, make sure he/she doesn't get any of that delicious ham and warm apple pie.

Who among you got married in December? Who plans to get married in December?

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Of course he's not going to forget 12/12/12. It consists of just the number 12. Who would forget?

Who are you married too? I read in youre about page you said you were married to a greek god, so whitch one?

I'm almost entirely convinced to marry in the winter.

I've always wanted a December winter wedding

My friend just got Married on 12/13/14 and I was the maid of honor it was a lot of work and kinda of hectic cus I had to prepare for that then get Christmas gifts for family!

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