8 Presents for a Bride-to-Be ...

Choosing presents for a bride-to-be can be kind of tricky sometimes, especially if sheโ€™s a really good friend of yours or if you donโ€™t want to go with standard cookware/silverware wedding stuff. Yup, we often wonder how much is too much, how personal might be interpreted as too personal and thereโ€™s always a little thing like limited budget to keep our neurons working overtime. Well, here are 8 great presents for a bride-to-be, presents that go from too personal to almost traditionally non personal, presents ranging from $5 to $70!

1. Tying the Knot: the Complete Wedding Organizer

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Price: $29.95 at gifts.barnesandnoble.com
If the timing is right, this might be one of the most useful presents for a bride-to-be so, be sure to ask her how are preparations going and, if she tells you she has troubles keeping her wedding stuff organized, go for it. Iโ€™d, personally, love something like this but, that just might be my need to get the wedding plans started, talking.

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