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An Indian wedding is bright, colorful, loud, wonderful and incomplete without these essential jewelry and accessories as shared by guest contributor Lianne Crosby.

As the wedding season fast approaches, we see a lot of competition between brides and wedding planners to plan and host the most elegant and successful celebration for their wedding day. One way that wedding planners and brides are making their weddings more diverse and beautiful is by using exotic themes for the dress, venue, the jewelry and the accessories. This has led to a new trend of combining western weddings with Indian traditions. This article gives you 7 essential pieces that will successfully turn your big day into a spectacular Indian inspired celebration.

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Kalgi - Turban Pin

Kalgi - Turban Pin If the groom is going to wear a turban at your Indian inspired wedding then a Kalgi is a must have jewelry accessory for him to wear. Traditionally, a Kalgi was only worn by Sikh grooms and Indian kings, but now it is a fashionable must have accessory for almost all Hindu-Indian grooms.


The Kalgi, often studded with precious stones or pearls, is placed at the front of the turban, serving as a regal centerpiece. Symbolizing honor and respect, this ornamental brooch adds a majestic touch to the groom’s attire. To match the wedding theme, Kalgis are customizable and come in various designs, from peacock feathers to floral motifs. The sparkle of the Kalgi not only complements the groom's ensemble but also draws all eyes to him, helping him stand out on his special day.


Beautiful Indian Wedding Rings for Women

Beautiful Indian Wedding Rings for Women Unlike traditional western wedding rings where the band will feature a single stone mounted upon the ring, typically you will find that Indian wedding rings will feature gems and stones that run around the entire band. Also, instead of diamonds, you will find different gems that make the Indian bridal ring a colourful and exotic choice.


Indian weddings are known for their vibrant colors and intricate details. Jewelry and accessories play an important role in completing the look of a traditional Indian bride. Indian wedding rings are a key part of the bridal look, and they come in a variety of styles.

Beautiful Indian wedding rings for women feature intricate designs with gems and stones that run around the entire band. Instead of diamonds, you will find different gems such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls that make the Indian bridal ring a colorful and unique choice. The rings are often made of gold, but you can also find them in silver and platinum.

In addition to rings, you can also find traditional Indian jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and bangles. These pieces are often made of gold and feature intricate designs with gemstones. Brides also often wear maang tikkas, which are headpieces with a central gemstone or pearl. Bindis are also a popular accessory for Indian brides. These are small dots placed on the forehead and come in a variety of colors and designs.


Hath Panjas - Traditional Bracelet

Hath Panjas - Traditional Bracelet This is a hand piece for both the bride and the female guests to wear to the wedding. Consisting of a bracelet and a ring that is joined by a decorative chain, the bride will wear one on each hand whereas the female guests would traditionally just wear one on their dominant hand. The Panja is usually gold with a coloured gemstone between the bracelet and the ring.


Often adorned with intricate designs, Hath Panjas serve not only as a symbol of matrimony but also as exquisite pieces of artistry reflecting the subcontinent’s rich cultural heritage. The gemstone's color can be chosen to match the wedding theme or the wearer's outfit, adding a personal touch. Moreover, it’s common for these pieces to feature detailed filigree work, embedded pearls, and sparkling stones that enhance the bridal glow. While the bride dazzles with a pair on both hands, female guests flaunt this stunning accessory as a gesture of good fortune and participation in the joyous celebration.


Matha Patti - Headpiece

Matha Patti - Headpiece Adorned with gems, diamonds and other precious stones, the matha patti is traditionally a gold or silver headpiece that runs down the middle parting of your hair and follows your hairline, framing your face. You can match the gem colours to that found in your Panja to colour coordinate your look.


Matha Patti is a headpiece that is traditionally made of gold or silver and is adorned with gems, diamonds and other precious stones. It is worn during Indian weddings and is usually matched with the gem colours found in the Panja, a bracelet worn on the wrist. The headpiece is typically placed along the middle parting of the hair and follows the hairline, framing the face.

Matha Patti is an essential accessory for Indian brides, as it adds a touch of glamour to the outfit and helps to complete the overall look. It is also a symbol of prosperity and wealth, as it is traditionally made with precious metals and stones. The headpiece is usually accompanied by jewellery such as earrings, necklaces, bangles, and rings.

In addition to being a beautiful accessory, Matha Patti is also believed to bring good luck to the bride. It is said to protect her from evil forces and ensure a happy marriage. The headpiece is also believed to bring spiritual protection and blessings to the bride.


Nath - Nose Ring

Nath - Nose Ring To go hand in hand with your Matha Patti headpiece, you can incorporate a nath to give you the traditional Indian goddess look adopted by royalty.

Obviously, this is more suited to those who have an existing nose piercing, although if you did want to get one for the occasion, the hole does heal. Of course, remember to get it pierced a few weeks in advanced of your wedding day.


Different Styles of Mehndi

Different Styles of Mehndi Having mehndi applied is a fun process for both the bride and groom that involves most of the family.

It is said that the darker your mehndi develops and the longer the design lasts on your skin, the greater the bond between the bride and groom. Typically, designs will include crystals, hearts and flowers.


Churi – Traditional Bangles

Churi – Traditional Bangles For a real Indian inspired look opt for a set of gorgeous traditional bangles. They are traditionally gold or glass and can be worn in every colour under the sun. They are the perfect way to complete your look.

So there you have it, 7 accessories and jewelry pieces for the perfect Indian themed wedding. Which one was your favorite?

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Indian weddings can go all out when it comes to the wedding but in recent weddings I have attended, I have seen brides wear artificial jewelry and I can tell by the number of Jems. You see the jewelry in these images is actually artificial because if a bride were to where real necklaces, notice the plural, she would suffer major neck cramps and typically no one really has SO many real gems on their hair, ears, nose, neck, forehead, hands, arms, and feet it would hurt trust me I have felt the pain. Obviously I was not wearing some jewelry item in everyplace I have mentioned but I have in quite a few. I'm not saying it's a bad thing though I prefer real, but it's the next thing you have

what abt toe rings

Can't wait for my cousins wedding next week! Traditional Indian wedding. This was very refreshing to read.

standard event decoration

also anklets

this list can go on really long

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