4 Lovely Bridal Gowns under $800.00 ...

With gas prices rising, many people unemployed, and looking for ways to save, big budget weddings are no longer the trend. DIY, back-yard, under $10,000 weddings have become the norm and many wedding gown designers are following the low-budget trend. Here are 4 lovely bridal gowns under $900.00 for the brides who want to wow their guests, not their bank account.

4. Sweet Rosettes...

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Price: $798.00

Budget brides can still look amazing as they walk down the aisle, especially in a gown like this one by Tadashi Shoji. You don't have to go cheap on style because you don't have $5,000 set aside just for your dress.

3. Beach Bride...

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Price: $360.00

The simple look of this chic gown from BCBG makes it perfect for the beach or even a back-yard wedding in the Spring. I love the flow of the skirt and the sash around the waist and who wouldn't love it for that price!

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2. Elegant Lace...

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Price: $588.00

There are so many brides looking for lovely lace gowns who just haven't found the right one for the budget price they were hoping for. My lace gown was around $1,000, so I couldn't believe it when I saw the price of this elegant lace wedding dress by Sue Wong.

1. Feather-like Organza...

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Price: $798.00

How gorgeous are the details on this stunning Tadashi Shojidress! I love everything about it; the criss-cross bodice, the strips of organza fabric that make up the skirt, and even the black bow! This is such a fun dress for any wedding, I could even imagine cowboy boots under that gown

Where did you find your budget wedding dress?

Photos: Shop.Nordstrom

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