Guest Blogger Michele Tremblay Flower Expert ...


Guest Blogger Michele Tremblay Flower Expert ...
Guest Blogger Michele Tremblay Flower Expert ...

I'm so excited about today's guest blogger Michele Tremblay, she put together a special DIY bouquet just for us! I saw her wonderful blog about floral arrangements and knew she was just the person to explain to brides, grooms, and the DIY community how to make a beautiful bouquet for any occasion, especially weddings!
A Simple Flower Bouquet for a Bride...
"The Zoom Away Bride's Bouquet"
Modern Bride,

You have so many choices today when it comes to planning your wedding, I thought I’d offer you my thoughts on a very special and important part of your wedding day. Your Bridal Bouquet.

When I got married I was very lucky. I worked in the largest and very best flower shop in Philadelphia. I knew my flowers would be absolutely gorgeous and they were. I carried Camellias…in January. Because the shop where I worked was so popular with everyone from the local ladies who would stop in to buy bunches of flowers to the very wealthy patrons who planned and attended the many big charity events in the city, if a flower was available our shop had it or could get it. But I really think I was the exception, or should I say, the shop where I worked was. I am not so sure every other bride in the city was quite as lucky as me. I had the whole world of flowers to choose from.
The great thing about today’s bride is that atmosphere no longer exists. I have

been to many different flower shops, farmers markets and even grocery stores. Almost everyone gets very beautiful flowers to offer to their customers. Of course, having a professional florist do your flowers is easy and can be great. Some brides, however, for whatever reason, want to do their own bouquets.

Continue reading for her step by step tips...

If you are that bride please read through the following steps...

• Go to the store and buy just one kind of flower. You can buy lots….25 roses
(probably 24…2 dozen) , twenty tulips or even 30 tulips, a bunch of beautiful
alstroemeria . Alstroemeria what is used to make the bouquet here. I used 15
• Take your flowers home and condition them over night (trim stems and put in water).
• Before you start, gently clean off the greens, taking any leaves, stems and thorns off if you are using roses.
• Once the flowers are cleaned line them up on a flat surface.
• Pick up one flower and decide how long you want your stems. You will want them to be at least 3 hand widths long. Trim all the stems to the same length for
• Start with one flower and add your stems one at a time till you have all of your

flowers in your bouquet. Fuss with the flowers till you like the way the bouquet
• Tie your bouquet off with floral tape, (which you can get at any flower shop, craft
store, or even online), wire (not too tight…wire can cut through stems), or
ribbons, leaving plenty of stem uncovered.
• Trim the stems across the bottom, leaving at least two hand widths so your bouquet can be put in water.
• You can wrap the stems with your choice of ribbon, twine, even fabric. Of course,
you will want it to match your dress! Secure it with corsage pins pushing the
stems up and into the flower stems. Again, make sure there is plenty of stem to
go into water. (Be careful, you don’t want your trim on the handle of the
bouquet to get wet.)
• Put your bouquet in water and refrigerate if need be (Just clear out a spot in your
frig-move over milk).
• Take your bouquet out of the frig and water and keep a cloth around and dry the
bottom of the stems till there is no more water coming off the
• Repeat the above steps a number of times before your wedding so you get comfortable with handling the flowers.
• If you like, you can add a bow to your bouquet. Add the bow right before you take
off for the wedding!
• Have fun!
Best wishes to you on your Wedding Day!
Michele Tremblay

p.s. The total cost for the flowers was $6.50 plus tax. I had the ribbon and other supplies so you will need to factor those costs in. At this price, you should be able to do a number of “practice” bouquets till you feel comfortable.

Check out Michele's updated makeoverof the bouquet...I love her added touches!

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Great advice!

Wow..Love those flowers and what a great tips! Totally sending this over to my friends:) Happy Tuesday to you both. xo

Great article. Thanks for sharing your flower expertise. Love the flower pictures here.

Thanks for sharing this great information! I love how those zoom away flowers look on that Vespa! So great!

very cool! and great information!

What wonderful tips! Thanks so much for sharing, sweetie :)

What great tips! Thank you so much!

This is so nice!!! The PERFECT tips from the perfect person to dish them out. This is a must-read for all brides making their flowers!!!

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