7 Great China Patterns for Your Bridal Registry ...

Choosing from all of the different china patterns can be overwhelming, but there are some great patterns out there that you will want to include on your bridal registry. My family has an unusual tradition of having the girls pick out their china pattern in their teens. For all of my birthdays and for Christmas I received pieces to my china pattern as I went through high school. Needless to say, I actually know quite a bit about picking out china patterns and can offer some helpful advice for brides to be. Fine china is something you will have for a lifetime, and you want to be sure you will always like it. Consequently, it is best to pick patterns that are simple. Not only will you continue to like them, but you will get much more use out of them. All of the patterns I have included on this list can be found out Bloomingdale’s, and they would be perfect for fancy occasions that you and your soon to be spouse will be having.

1. Bernardaud “Soleil Levant”

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The Bernardaud Soleil Levant pattern is a perfect pattern for a bridal registry. It is simple enough that you will like it for years to come, but the gold pattern around the edge makes it special. In case you are interested, you should know that Bernardaud is a company in France that has been making fine china for over 100 years. Their expertise has led them to create beautiful china, like this dinnerware. Of the many china patterns that you can choose, this is certainly a wonderful choice.

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