7 Gorgeous Wedding Color Schemes for 2014 ...

It can be difficult to pick out your favorite wedding color schemes. There are so many different choices to pick from, yet it’s hard to pick just the right one. Whether you’re looking for trendy or classic, chic or crazy, loud or muted, there is something on this list that will lead you to finding the wedding color schemes of your dreams! At the very least, these hot wedding color schemes will lead you in the right direction of finding your favorite combination for your special day.

1. Mint and Pink

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Mint and pink are one of the most perfect wedding color schemes for a late spring or early summer wedding. It’s a feminine, yet not overtly girly, combination. I really love this color combination when it’s paired with a rustic wedding theme. This combination especially works if mint is the prominent color with pink accents; however, any combination of the two is absolutely gorgeous.

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