7 Fun Grand Exit Ideas ...


7 Fun Grand Exit Ideas ...
7 Fun Grand Exit Ideas ...

Throwing rice may long be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of fun grand exit ideas sure to add a creative twist to your wedding and help send you off in style. Do you picture yourself running through a tunnel of fiery sparklers? How about being showered with handfuls of beautiful rose petals? Check with your venue beforehand to see what is and isn’t allowed, and then get ready to make one of these grand exit ideas your own!

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Long recognized as one of the all-time best grand exit ideas, sparklers allow for an exciting sendoff and some truly amazing photos. Before running through the brightly lit tunnel your guests create, you can ask your photographer to capture a few fun shots featuring the two of you posing with sparklers, as well. While certainly a great idea, sparklers are considered in some locations to be a fire hazard, so get permission before selecting them for your exit.


Flower Petals

For a grand exit that’s just as romantic as it is beautiful, you certainly can’t go wrong with a shower of colorful flower petals customized to match your color scheme and season. Whether all of the petals are the same shade or you decide to go for a multicolored look, talk with your florist in advance about the best types of flowers available. While rose petals have always been a popular choice, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and consider other unique options, as well.



Another classic favorite, bubbles add a playful touch to your grand exit without leaving any items behind on the ground for cleanup, which is often a concern. Planning on inviting a number of kids to the wedding? Bubbles are an especially kid-friendly choice that adults are also sure to love.


Streamer Wands

Let guests bid you farewell while waving streamers customized to match your wedding colors and theme. Lace streamers are a great choice at vintage weddings, for instance, while wands featuring a combination of different colored ribbons can help create a joyous, carnival-like atmosphere.



Perfect for the group that loves to party, noisemakers allow for a boisterous and mess-free exit filled with cheers and laughter. Everything from kazoos and horns to maracas and whistles will work, so as always, go ahead and customize to best reflect your personalities and wedding style.



Make a wish and watch the sky fill with beautiful butterflies as you set off on your new life together. Unlike a ceremonial dove release, butterflies allow all of your guests to be involved and share in the moment. Don’t want to save this for a grand exit? A butterfly release can easily take place during your ceremony, as well.



Whether you hand out classic poppers, cones filled with biodegradable confetti or whatever other option strikes your fancy, this is yet another fabulous way to say goodbye while also capturing a few more creative shots for your wedding album. And since confetti comes in all different colors, shapes and sizes, you should have no trouble selecting the perfect batch.

Of course, there are a lot of other fun and unique options to choose from, as well, from fall leaves to dried lavender. Many grand exit ideas can also work equally well at the end of your ceremony or reception, so put some thought into what you most prefer before making a decision. What type of grand exit would you like to have?

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I like the butterflies and bubbles!

Awesome ideas! I especially love the sparklers and bubbles!

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