Falling in Love in New York City...a Proposal Story in Central Park ...

Not every couple gets the chance to capture their marriage proposal on camera. Sometimes it's an after thought and you really wish you would have caught the** magical moment** on film. Well Elissa's fiance Jeff knew better than to miss the opportunity and the little hints from his soon-to-be-bride to contact Kristin, Elissa's friend, from Photomuseto take surprise photos of his big moment...maybe after seeing this romantic story unfold your sweetheart will get the hint too!

10. Rainy Day Picnic...

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Jeff had already set up a lovely picnic inCentral Parkand had photographers Kristin and Steven from Photomusehiding in the background, what was a man in love to do when it started raining! He was to go on with his plans and not worry about a little rain storm!

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