7 Fabulously Stunning and Unique Engagement Rings ...

Unique Engagement Rings are a great way to go. I know some brides like traditional rings, and that’s completely cool! There are some gorgeous traditional settings out there. However, I’ve always been a fan of unique engagement rings that don’t necessarily match up to the norm. They might be original in color, shape, or setting, but they’re rings you don’t usually see every day. Here are some of my favorite unique engagement rings – let’s see what you think!

1. Star Sapphire Engagement Ring

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Price: $259.99 at amazon.com
A lot of women love unique engagement rings that contain sapphires, and I agree, they’re gorgeous. I think this ring is ideal for anyone who loves both sapphires and stargazing. Star sapphires are so pretty, and I love the way this one is bracketed with delicate diamonds. They lend a feminine touch.

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