7 Enchantingly Classy Wedding Items You'll Probably Get to Use Later ...

Wedding Items rarely turn out to be useful, practical or wearable and, yet, most brides rarely choose to reflect on that, almost as if they think considering later use while shopping for wedding items is nothing less than settling for less. But is it really so? Well, check out these 7 unbelievably classy wedding items and you tell me!

1. ASOS Colorblock Clutch

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Price: $62.90 at us.asos.com.
An elegant clutch is one of those wedding items no bride would ever let herself forget due to all that pre-wedding stress! However, when the wedding is over, not many of them can brag about it being useful. So, instead of stressing and wasting a perfectly good pair of heel taps trying to find a clutch that matches your shoes perfectly, get a classy multi-toned one and don’t be afraid to use it whenever the opportunity arises!

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