7 Delectable Ways to Pop the Question Using Food ...

There are dozens of ways to pop the question using food, ranging from the classic to the romantic to the quirky. I technically proposed to Heather using food, although it involved the ring box on a dessert plate, delivered the night of our anniversary dinner. However you choose to propose to your beloved, whether you're making it a surprise or drawing on something meaningful to the two of you, you might think about using one of these delectable ways to pop the question using food.

1. The Classic Glass of Champagne

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Dropping the ring into a glass of champagne isn't technically one of the best ways to pop the question using food, since it's obviously a beverage. Still, this classic take is pure romance – a little corny, maybe, but so movie-magical! Best served by surprise, of course, and try not to let your new fiance drink it!

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