7 Delectable Ways to Pop the Question Using Food ...

By Lyndsie

7 Delectable Ways to Pop the Question Using Food ...

There are dozens of ways to pop the question using food, ranging from the classic to the romantic to the quirky. I technically proposed to Heather using food, although it involved the ring box on a dessert plate, delivered the night of our anniversary dinner. However you choose to propose to your beloved, whether you're making it a surprise or drawing on something meaningful to the two of you, you might think about using one of these delectable ways to pop the question using food.

1 The Classic Glass of Champagne

Dropping the ring into a glass of champagne isn't technically one of the best ways to pop the question using food, since it's obviously a beverage. Still, this classic take is pure romance – a little corny, maybe, but so movie-magical! Best served by surprise, of course, and try not to let your new fiance drink it!

2 Creating Memories with Cookies

There are all sorts of ways to propose with cookies, a popular choice because they're so easy to personalize. You could insert the ring in the cookie, serve up the proposal with your beloved's favorite cookie, or use them to relay the message by writing on them. This pick is incredibly adaptable, and works for any kind of cookie.

3 Having Your Cake (and Proposing with It, Too)

Cupcakes are another popular option, especially with the continuing trend of cupcake wedding cakes. They lend themselves well to proposals because you can either prop the ring atop the frosting or use lots of cupcakes to pop the question itself. Larger cakes are ideal as well, because you can so easily make the ring part of the decoration.

4 Cleaning Your Plate

You don't always have to incorporate the ring itself when you're proposing with food, of course. Take your partner's favorite plate, cup, or bowl (or get a new dish), and write a special message at the bottom. Then, when your lover finishes his or her meal or morning cup of coffee, your proposal will be right there!

5 Telling Your Fortune

Fortune cookie proposals are so sweet! They're easy to do as well, because you can order them from just about anywhere, or make your own version. You have the option of writing the proposal on a slip of paper that goes inside, including the fortune and the ring, or just placing the ring inside.

6 Personalized Treats

There are lots of foods you can special order with a personalized message. Use M&Ms to spell out your proposal, or look for a special version of a favorite treat, like an ice cream carton or a candy box. Surprise your darling with a treat that asks the burning question!

7 In Your Partner's Favorite Dish

What's your partner's favorite dish? Does your lover adore cake, pot roast, spaghetti? Whatever he or she loves the most, make that. You can try to incorporate the ring into the dish, although that's a little risky (the whole swallowing fear), or simply use it in the overall plating, in a spot where it's impossible to miss.

If it tickles your fiance's fancy, even proposing with a macaroni picture will have some meaning. We celebrate with food, typically, and when we date, we enjoy meals and cooking classes and picnics together. If it's special to you, proposing with food can be precious! Would you ever do it – or have you already?

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