7 Creative Wedding Guestbook Ideas ...

From surfboards to wine bottles, wedding guestbook ideas are getting more creative all the time. Looking to put your own unique twist on a timeless tradition? Read on for a look at just a few creative wedding guestbook ideas that are guaranteed to provide a fun time for your guests, along with a lasting keepsake you’ll always treasure.

1. Sports Gear

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By far one of the top wedding guestbook ideas for sports lovers is to have your friends sign anything from a snowboard to rafting oars to a basketball. Whether the two of you love to surf, want to remember your first date at a baseball game, or just hope to celebrate your mutual love for football, let your imagination be your guide, and have fun coming up with the perfect sports-themed idea to symbolize you and your relationship. Displaying the gear in your home after the wedding will serve as a constant reminder of all the heartfelt well-wishes your guests had to share.

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