7 Creative and Unusual Wedding Centerpiece Ideas to Try ...

If you are thinking about taking the road less traveled with your wedding plans, it’s time you started brainstorming a few unusual wedding centerpiece ideas. When you are planning your wedding, there are definitely some alternatives to the normal routes people take. And these days, it’s nobody’s business whether you choose to run away and elope, or invite 600 guests. If you are creative and quirky like me, you may want to take a look at a few of these unusual wedding centerpiece ideas for a truly unforgettable reception.

1. Stuffed Animals

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Maybe you are thinking this is just a little too much when planning unusual wedding centerpiece ideas, but hear me out. Stuffed animals represent everything warm, loving and comforting in this world, so why not change things up and include them in your unusual wedding centerpiece ideas. If both you and your spouse-to-be love animals from under the sea, think of how cute it would be to have different, colorful stuffed fish on every table. Or better yet, beautiful tropical birds! The Bronx Zoo has a gift shop where you can order these items online and have them shipped anywhere in the world. Feel free to scope it out and pick out something big, bold, colorful and definitely unique.

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