8 Cool Ways to Propose to Your Partner ...

With all of the different ways to propose to your partner, you could still be completely stumped! I wanted my proposal to be really special and while I may have planned all of the different ways to propose to my partner in my head, I just ended up doing it when the moment felt right. If you really want to find a way to propose to your partner that is not only special, but also truly memorable, take a look!

1. Scrabble Game

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Are you and your partner complete Scrabble-heads? This is one of the best ways to propose ever! Do you love the game and it has super special meaning for you both? Give this proposal a try! Just have a game ready – or play a game and spell out "Will You Marry Me?” in it! It's such a cute proposal and your partner will remember it forever!

2. Umbrellas in a Park

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Now, I actually saw this online. A girl took her girlfriend out on the lake in New York and had her friends write "Will Your Marry Me?" on a bunch of umbrellas and hold them in order, on a bridge while the couple floated near the bridge. How cute is that? It's also super memorable!

3. Scavenger Hunt

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Are you good with riddles and clues? Sending your girlfriend or boyfriend on a scavenger hunt for their ring is truthfully a great way for you to make it memorable. You could start out with them at home and send them all around your house, finding clues everywhere and then it can lead to a ring!

4. Paint a Proposal on a Roof

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I love this idea. I think that painting a marriage proposal on the roof and then having you and your spouse fly over it is a great idea – and it's super unique! This one can be a little tricky, if you don't have someone to paint it for you or you are trying to do it yourself, but it's so memorable!

5. Luminaries on a Hill

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Do you have a ton of hills in your area? Do you have a special one that you and your partner go to all of the time? Why not light it up with a marriage proposal and drive right on past it? This is totally a great way to keep it memorable and for you and your girlfriend/boyfriend to have a 'spot'!

6. Ad in a Local Newspaper

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This is so adorable and you can actually clip the ad and frame it for your kids! Just make a statement about your partner and really reveal your feelings so that everyone can read it and at the end, propose! A tip is to include a photo of you two!

7. Skywriting

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I think that this one is a classic way to propose that so many people have used, but it's still amazing! Why not have a skywriter write "Will You Marry Me?" right over your house or even over a restaurant where you want to propose? They will never expect it coming!

8. Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Finally, have you ever considered going on a hot air balloon ride? You can actually have a banner hanging from a nearby balloon that you float by while you are on your ride! How genius, sweet and memorable!

While trying to find all of the different ways to propose to your partner can be really hard, it can also be fun to come with something unique! How did you propose to your spouse? Was it unique?

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