7 Comfy Cover-Ups to Wear to a Winter Wedding ...

Comfy cover-ups for winter weddings are a must-have for any bride or wedding guest. It's important to look your best, but to also stay warm and cozy in the cold weather. There's a variety of coverups on the market, but I've scoured the Internet and compiled 7 of the best chic and comfy cover-ups for winter weddings just for you! Check them out and let me know which one(s) you love the most!

1. A Knitted Shawl

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I'm starting off the list of cover-ups for winter weddings with a knitted shawl! Knitted shawls are so intricate and beautiful. You can get them in a variety of knitted patterns and there's no doubt you'll stay warm and toasty wrapped in one of them! Drape one around your shoulders and head out the door!

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