7 Bridal Beauty Blunders to Be Sure to Avoid ...


Bridal beauty blunders are not something that you want to deal with on the biggest day of your life. Unfortunately they do happen. Sometimes there is a fix and sometimes there isn’t which can be a totally huge issue for the bride. These are 7 bridal beauty blunders that you want to be sure to avoid.

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Having Bangs Cut Too Short

Having Bangs Cut Too Short Having your bangs cut too short is one of the bridal beauty blunders that you want to be sure to avoid. This is also one that there is very little that can be done about. When you get your hair cut in the month or two before your wedding, be sure to err on the side of having them a smidgen too long rather than too short. You can deal with that much better than having them too short. It is also very wise to make sure you have a hair stylist you trust before you allow her to do your hair in the months before your big day.


Tan Lines

Tan Lines Tan lines occur when you have something, usually clothing, that blocks you from getting an even tan. The best way to prevent this is to be aware that they can occur and take every effort to avoid them. It is much easier than trying to fix them later. Be sure to watch where your bathing suit covers in the months before your wedding. This goes for when you get a spray tan as well. Bear in mind where your wedding dress will be against your skin.


Chipped Nails

Chipped Nails Chipped nails can happen, even with the best manicurist working on your nails. If this happens to you, try to get back to the salon to get it repaired. If that is not an option because there is no time or your nail salon is closed, all you can do is make the best of it on your own. If you are wearing acrylics, you may be able to purchase a kit to replace one at a local drug store. If your nails are polished a certain color, you are better off to purchase that bottle of nail polish to have on hand in the event that you do have a chip.


Overly Strong Makeup

Overly Strong Makeup Is there anything worse than looking in the mirror only to discover that you do not like the reflection staring back at you? Worse still, that it looks nothing like you? This can happen if you do not do a couple of trial runs with your makeup artist. Make time to go through the makeup routine that you want in detail with your makeup artist before the big day. Or you can take a hint from the lovely Princess Kate Middleton and do your own makeup on your wedding day.


Mascara Lines

Mascara Lines Mascara failure is just a mess. It can ruin a perfectly done face and your beautiful dress if you are not careful. Your wedding day is an emotional day; it is understandable that you may have some tears. Test your mascara out before you have to find out the hard way. Try wearing it on an occasion you know you will likely shed some tears such as watching a sappy movie.


Overpowering Jewelry

Overpowering Jewelry Jewelry is important in your wedding attire. However you do not want it to be overpowering. If you do choose very powerful, statement jewelry pieces to wear on your wedding day, it may end up competing with your wedding dress. This is something you do not want. You want your wedding dress to take center stage.


Lipstick That Comes off

Lipstick That Comes off Okay, girls. Let’s get honest. Lipstick is something most of us love. Our guys love how it looks on us but they want it to stay on us, not on them. The last thing your groom wants is to worry if he is wearing your lipstick after the big kiss. Make sure you choose a lipstick formula that stays put for your wedding day.

These are some bridal beauty blunders that you want to be sure to avoid. What bridal beauty blunders have you known other brides to experience? Share your stories here!

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