7 Amazing Marriage Proposals ...

I am a huge sap when it comes to amazing marriage proposals. I get teary, goosebumps raise up on my arms and I get so happy for the special couple, even if I don’t know them. My husband proposed to me on an island in the shadows of a castle, so I definitely consider myself to be among the lucky girls who get the proposal of their dreams. These seven amazing marriage proposals will touch your heart even if you aren’t a sappy romantic like me, so get those tissues ready!

1. Movie Theatre Proposal

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This is one of my favorite amazing marriage proposals ever and it happened not too far from where I live. It tops my list because I think it has the most elaborate setup and the guy definitely went all out! Watch as he premiers his “movie trailer” at the beginning of the movie his soon-to-be fiancé has gone to. How could anyone say no to something like this? It is truly outstanding, though I can't begin to imagine how much money it cost to set up!

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