7 Amazing DIY Wedding Invitations ...

Weddings are expensive enough, so why not save a little extra cash with some DIY wedding invitations? Sometimes the wedding invites can seem like a really taxing task, not just because of the plan for the layout of the invitation in general, but because you need to plan out just who exactly you want (or don't want) at your special event! It's also important to be cognizant of the theme and dress code of your wedding when planning your invitations; for example, if you're planning a black tie wedding, of course, a rustic-style invitation would be quite misleading to your guests. Just a little disclaimer: not all of these ideas are 100% DIY as you may need to go to a professional printer if you are not well-versed in printing from your own computer. In any event, check out these DIY wedding invitations and let your crafty side show!:

1. Fingerprint Hearts

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The first idea on our list of DIY wedding invitations is this adorable fingerprint heart that you and your fiance can make together. Find some pretty cardstock at a craft store, print whichever message you like on the front of the card, and have fun creating the finger print hearts!

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