A Honeymoon to Return to: Guest Blogger Krystal @ a Village Town ...

I have another wonderful Honeymoon guest post to bring to you today! I found Krystal's beautiful blog,A Village Town, through other blogs and have quickly become intrigued with her style, thoughts, and friendly personality. She currently lives in Switzerland and traveled to Arubafor her honeymoon...so join her on the Happy Island and you might find yourself daydreaming of white sands and tropical drinks!

4. An Island to Remember....

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Hello to Diana's readers! I'm popping in today to share some photos and thoughts on where we spent our honeymoon - Aruba! (cue Beach Boys song =)) My only disclaimer is that it was a few years back - but it definitely remains one of my fondest memories as visiting this island was absolutely amazing and we had the best time. We have plans to return on our 10 year anniversary!

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