8 Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Location into the Invitation ...

I've had the wonderful opportunity of working with Ajalon Printing & Designbefore and I am happy to share with you more of their beautiful work from Guest Blogger Katie Nealonwho blogs for **Ajalon. **

"Destination weddings are the perfect opportunity to plan a wedding invitation unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Letting your location guide your invitation design will do wonders to get guests excited about your upcoming day--or week! Pick a motif related to your destination location, and work it into your wedding stationery..." Here are eight different destination locations with amazing motifs, just to get you started.

1. Cape Cod

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If you are planning a seaside ceremony, I can think of nothing better than a light house motif to guide your guests to your celebration. Nautical embellishments in the blind impression really make our Cape Cod destination wedding invitationa sight to see.

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