8 Most Adorable Celebrity Proposal Stories ...

Ever wondered how the stars wound up getting hitched? Even though they get divorced left, right and centre, turns out their proposal stories are some of the cutest around. Really! Here’s a list that’s sure to make you go ‘aww!’

1. Seal and Heidi Klum

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Seal proposed to his supermodel girlfriend at 14,000 feet! They were on top of a glacier where the singer had organised for a special igloo to be built in honour of the occasion and filled it with champagne for the couple to celebrate with. So cute ladies… if perhaps a little chilly! Why didn't he do it somewhere tropical and warm instead, I wonder?

2. Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer

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Spencer tried a few times to propose to his lovely "House" co-star but eventually managed to pop the question in French! Hopefully Jennifer had her French-English dictionary handy … is he just shy or something? Why not propose in a language they both know. Years later the engagement was called off and the two never made it down the aisle together.

3. Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow

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The couple motored out in a boat to the middle of the lake – very romantic – and when the engine cut out, Lance proposed. Only one problem: he’d forgotten the ring! Luckily, Sheryl didn’t seem to mind … it must really have been love! I don't know that I'd have been quite so understanding...too bad they didn't end up getting married.

4. Pink and Carey Hart

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Instead of waiting around for her man to propose, Pink took matters into her own hands. During one of her boyfriend’s motor cross races she held up a sign saying ‘Will you marry me?’ When Carey didn’t take much notice, she turned the sign around to show the words ‘I’m serious!’ At this he immediately retired from the race and sped over to join his new wife-to-be! I love this... go, Pink! Why wait for the guy to propose?

5. Neve Campbell and John Light

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Neve’s British actor boyfriend turned to an old master and recited Shakespeare to his girlfriend as he got down on one knee. Unfortunately, the course of their true love really didn’t run smooth, and the couple filed for divorce late in 2010. But still! Shakespeare! So very romantic!

6. Russel Brand and Katy Perry

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This notorious ladies’ man turned hopeless romantic on an intimate trip to India over the couple’s Christmas break. Apparently he popped the question during a traditional spiritual rite and the pair was blessed by an Indian love guru! Very bohemian and incredibly romantic!

7. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

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The smitten actor famously proposed to his girlfriend after just two months. The couple were visiting Paris when Tom popped the question after dinner at the Jules Verne Restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower! That sounds like a dream...

Ladies, cute or what?! Let me know if I’ve left anyone out? Or perhaps you have your own adorable proposal story to share? Please let me know... I adore hearing sweet, romantic, and original proposal stories, celeb and otherwise...

Top Photo Credit: Rose Robinson

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