7 of My Favorite Bridezillas from TV ...


7 of My Favorite Bridezillas from TV ...
7 of My Favorite Bridezillas from TV ...

I love watching trashy reality TV. One of my favorite shows is Bridezillas, mainly because the girls and the show go so out the box crazy. I'm serious, some of these girls need to be committed. Of course, that's what makes this such an awesome show. In recent seasons, there haven't been quite as many catastrophes and trainwrecks, but that's all right because past seasons leave me plenty of crazy to choose from. I thought about all my favorite Bridezillas from TV and decided the share them with you!

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Melissa Brown

This lady thinks she is a queen, and she's more like the court jester! Naturally, you're going to notice that some of my favorite Bridezillas from TV are actually the worst of the lot, and Melissa Brown definitely falls into that slot. She is awful! She is an awful, awful person, who tricks men out of money and thinks she's entitled to everything. No! Bad!


Kirsten Stiff Walker

I was first introduced to Kirsten's monumental crazy train courtesy of a little show called American Princess. I was sure she was acting, with her little girl voice and her issues with personal opinions. If she was acting, she carried it over to Bridezillas and managed to stay in character the whole time. This girl is seriously in need of some medication, maybe even a padded room. She grates on my nerves like you wouldn't believe, yet … I can't look away.


Karen Refaeli

Karen is more than being one of my favorite Bridezillas from TV. She is also one of the worst people I have ever witnessed, anywhere. I always try to think the best of these Bridezillas; I mean, I know planning a wedding is extremely stressful, and I can only imagine that having a ton of TV cameras in your face all the time is tense as well. But this girl … you have to be flat out spoiled and entitled to act like this. Just do a search for her on YouTube, you'll see more of what I mean.


Karen's behavior on the show was just jaw-dropping. She screams, she demands, and her entitlement reaches unbelievable heights. Despite understanding the pressures that come with a televised wedding, Karen's actions were beyond the pale of typical pre-wedding jitters. Her interactions with vendors and her bridal party were particularly cringe-worthy, as if no one else's feelings mattered but her own. Watching her episodes is like witnessing a car crash in slow motion – you just can't look away, no matter how much you might want to.


Courtney Cray

All I ever hear in my head when I think of her is “...damn it, DAAAN!” over and over again. She is so mean! But frankly, I think this girl is just overcome with wedding and TV stress – plus is obviously a very amateur gossip. She can't be that bad in real life … right?



I know weddings can cause a lot of stress among family members as well, but … kicking your sister out of your wedding? Really? I don't have a sister, but I would never treat a family member this badly, I don't care how stressed I was feeling.


Valerie Nieto

This girl … is so awful. She is one of my favorite Bridezillas from TV because she is almost, almost as bad as Karen – but not quite. Karen is in a category all her own. Still, to so childishly damage someone's hard work just because you changed your mind is the height of Bridezilla behavior. I hope she watches this and gets nightmares.


Valerie's meltdown over her wedding decorations sent shockwaves of disbelief through the audience. Watching her throw a fit over the color scheme was like witnessing a scene straight out of a soap opera, but with the unscripted, raw intensity of reality TV. The drama was palpable, and for those of us who secretly indulge in the guilty pleasure of Bridezilla spectacles, she was a standout. Her tirade left us wondering what happened behind the scenes to push her to such extremes. Her antics provided endless gossip fodder and a strong reminder of how weddings can sometimes bring out the worst in people.


Andrea Hoehn Garber

I'm kind of inclined to think that Andrea isn't always this bad either. However, then she does things that make me change my mind. Like, I don't know, smashing appliances. Plus, she's just so whiny. I don't want to hold that against her, but I really can't help it because … well, just watch.

These are really just a few of my favorite Bridezillas from TV. Sadly, YouTube failed me on a lot of them, like chain smoking, cursing Deb in her vintage 1970s cream puff wedding dress. Are there any Bridezillas who just make you want to scream?

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Too funny! I love this show! Totally obsessed :)

Andrea was faking it. Also, she became a Trumper later in life.

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