7 Beautiful Destinations for Your Australian Honeymoon ...

Australia is a beautiful country with so much to do and see. A country filled with amazing wildlife, National Parks, historic land, breathtaking rainforest, and white sands and coral reef **honeymooners would love to dive right into. Explore these 7 Beautiful Destinations** for your Australian Honeymoon and you may never want to leave mate!

7. Snorkel in Queensland...

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Photo: Cairns.com.au

Did you catch any of Oprah's visit to Australia? She may not have snorkeled, but she showed us the best way one should travel to the Great Barrier Reefin Queensland, Aussie. Experience the reef from above and below as you take a helicopter ride before you swim with the fish, sea turtles, and through shipwrecksand underwater tunnels. Will you make memories of a lifetime on your** honeymoon** in Australia?

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