6 Sexy Swimsuits to Heat up Your Honeymoon


6 Sexy Swimsuits to Heat up Your Honeymoon
6 Sexy Swimsuits to Heat up Your Honeymoon

Whether it's a bikini, tankini or a one-piece swimsuit you'll be wearing on the beach, there are many sexy styles to help heat up your honeymoon. Flaunt that body and show your new love who's boss when you step out in one of these beautiful swimsuits from Victoria's Secret...

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Yellow Polka Dot Bikini...

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini... Top: $20 Bottom: $19

Polka dots, ruffles, turquoise ties, what's not to love about this hot bikini from Victoria's Secret? With this yellow two-pieceyou may never make it out onto the beach from your honeymoon suite!


I Heart Bikinis...

I Heart Bikinis... Top: $25 Bottom: $24

Your honeymoon should be all about the love that you share, on the inside and outside! With this sexy heart bikiniyou can show off your body and your love to your new partner. There are a few color choices to pick from, but this shade of "sunset glow" is my favorite.


Vintage & Retro...

Vintage & Retro... Price: $167

Who says a one-piece swimsuithas to be boring and ugly! I am in love with this retro chic swimsuit and wear one similar to this style. For all those ladies who want to look amazing in a one-piece, this is the suit for you!


Shine and Sparkle...

Shine and Sparkle... Top: $19 Bottom: $10

Sparkly attire is very trendy right now; heels, dresses, shirts, so why not add your honeymoon bikini to that list! Thesepink sequinsand your twinkling eyes will stop your soul mate right in their tracks!


Sexy Back...

Sexy Back... Price: $129

Why not wear a** one-piece** that makes you feel comfortable and sexy. Give your spouse a little show of what they might experience a little later on in your honeymoon with this gorgeous cross-back swimsuit! I love the way the straps make the back look even sexier.


Bright & Bold...

Bright & Bold... Top: $34 Bottom: $28

Your sweetheart won't be able to take their eyes off of you with this bright and bold halter bikini! I love the tie-dye look of the colors and wonder if a one-piece would look this smoking in these colors!

Head over to Victoria's Secretfrom now till March 15th and enter the code **Beach11 **at checkout for a free "BeachSexy" tote!

**Have you found your sexy honeymoon swimsuit that will turn up the heat? **

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I absolutely LOVE the Yellow Polka Dot Bikini!! I think I might have to get it!

Hey Krystal! I love that peach heart one too, it showed it in other colors but I loved it most in peach! Glad the birthday party went great for you and Mark and guests! :) <3

Hi Kellie and Anne! The black swimsuit and the polka dot bikini are actually both my favorites out of all of them! I love the retro look of the black one and I love the ruffles on the yellow polka dot! :) Both so fun! Thanks for the comment ladies! Enjoy your day! <3

I loooove that peach one for some reason!!! (Not usually a peach fan...I guess I would have to be tan to wear it :)) Did I answer about the party? It went really well thanks for asking :) Mark had a blasty blast!

I love the black one! Gorgeous! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

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