5 Adorable Ring Bearers and Their Cute Suits ...

Little boys in suits or tuxedos are just so handsome with their slicked back hair and their little ties. As the ring bearer walks down the aisle they look so proud and honored to help out for your big day. If you're considering whether you should have that special kid hold your ring pillow let these **5 adorable ring bearers in their cute little suits **persuade your answer!

5. Little Boys do Silly Things...

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Photo: StyleMePretty.com

They're adorable but can be unpredictable sometimes, which makes for funny photos like this one! Little boys like to get messy, get into trouble, and make everyone laugh. I love the yellow bow ties and the cool mustaches! These boys are just too cool and aren't afraid to show off! **How many cool little boy ring bearers are in your wedding? **

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