7 Wedding Color Combinations to Try ...


Coming up with great wedding color combinations can be a very stressful part of planning a wedding.

The color scheme sets the tone for your entire wedding and is the basis for almost all of the rest of your planning.

While there are hundreds upon hundreds of wedding color combinations to try, here are a few of my favorites and some that you may want to take into consideration when planning your special day.

Good luck!

1. Navy & Light Pink

One of the many wedding color combinations to try is navy and light pink.

It is a perfect balance between a dark masculine color and a light feminine color.

Either navy dresses with coral flowers or coral dresses with navy flowers would be a great look for the bridesmaids.

Because this color has somewhat of a preppy feel, it would be adorable to have a simple centerpiece scheme with a small polka dot or stripped patterns.

Lavender & Sage
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