8 Ways to Pimp up Your Honeymoon ...


As it is one of the best occasions of your life, and in cash-strapped times, why shouldn’t you want to pimp up your honeymoon?

With all the expenses of the wedding, it is often the honeymoon that comes off second best when it comes to budget allocation and you might not get that peaceful, deserted tropical beach of your dreams.

So if you can’t afford a luxury suite at a 5* all inclusive, check out these ways to pimp up your honeymoon.

1. Value for Money

One of the easiest ways to pimp up your honeymoon is to choose an off-season destination.

Hotel rates are much lower in off-season, however don’t forget this may mean monsoon or hurricane seasons so advice is to check with travel agents or websites for good destinations.

Another option for overseas is where the cost of living is much cheaper and there are good exchange rates.2

Don’t forget, it is quieter in off-season too.

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