7 Tips from a Celebrity Wedding Planner ...

As someone who loves weddings, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get some tips from a wedding planner – especially one who’s organized some of the biggest celebrity weddings to date. Want to know how they get everything to run exactly to their schedule, and turn out perfectly? While a team of helpers is advantageous, if your budget can’t quite stretch to that, these tips from a wedding planner should help.

1. Make like Cinderella!

One of the best, but most unusual tips from a wedding planner? Think about your shoes carefully. Our celebrity planner advised against choosing a high pair for the day and dancing barefoot at night, as this can appear ungraceful (and, let’s face it, you might end up with a broken toe!). Instead choose shoes that are low enough that you can dance in them, and buy them half a size bigger than normal to avoid cramped toes. Padded insoles are a great idea, too.