3. Beach Wedding Flowers Should Be Silk

A beach wedding is a beautiful, romantic affair with rolling waves, the seascape...and utter chaos! If a beach wedding is your dream give some thought to using silk flowers. The air from the sea and the constant wind really take a toll on fresh blooms. It is best to use a wired ribbon because the moisture causes other choices, such as burlap, to droop and not hold up well.

Also hair, makeup, shoes and old folks don’t tend to hold up well in this setting. Most of the time vows, music, etc, can’t really be enjoyed because of the noise of the sea. A dear friend of mine decided to go with sky lanterns. I love them, I think they are wonderful. When I pass away I hope it's winter so they can be launched. At the beach it is so windy that they are really like a rogue drone. I was never more thankful for youth when a groomsmen jumped a hedge and stomped out the fire before it could catch the pampas grass at the next door condo on fire.

Be Realistic with Your Bouquet
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